House/Tank Pumps

Water Lords

Supply and Install House and Tank Pumps

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Free quotes. Simply phone and let us know what you want to do with your pump and we can advise the best pump for your situation.  We’ll take a look and quote the pump installed ready for use, or you can simply buy the pump.

SJ100-PM Stainless Steel Presure System House and tank pumps
Perfect for your garden water tank for washing your car or dog, watering gardens,
topping up the pool, cleaning around your house.


Stainless Jet SJ200 & SJ400 House and tank pumps

Perfect for running your home. Two sizes – 5 or 8 tap


Mains Water Divert SJ200-MWD SJ400-MWD House and tank pumps



SJ Pressure Systems House and tank pumps

*Same day response. Water Lords are able to attend to your emergency within 24 hours.